Have you been arrested or are you being investigated by local law enforcement?  If so, it is important to hire an experienced criminal attorney as soon as possible.  Prompt action may help prevent an arrest or stop an investigation. Criminal attorney Stephen Handy has represented clients from Colleyville and the surrounding area since 2000.

Stephen Handy, Criminal Lawyer

Stephen Handy Criminal AttorneyI am committed to providing the best customer service possible and advocating for my client’s rights aggressively and effectively.   Being accused or charged with a crime can be overwhelming and stressful. I understand the stress and anxiety you feel and will work to help alleviate that stress.  I personally handle every case I am hired on. I have an amazing staff that is willing to assist in any way possible, however, I am always accessible to my clients on my cell phone and I make every effort to return calls on the same day I receive them. I focus on personal attention and knowing each of my clients by name.  Every client is important and providing effective representation is my first priority.

I have been practicing criminal law since 1996.  For the first four years, I gained valuable experience as an Assistant District Attorney in Tarrant County. I began in the misdemeanor courts and then spent over 2 years in the felony district courts as well as serving as a Grand Jury prosecutor.  In 2000 I opened my criminal law practice in Hurst to serve the Colleyville and Mid-Cities area. I have represented hundreds of clients accused of everything from minor misdemeanors to serious felonies. Each case is unique, and each case is important. I understand that both misdemeanors and felonies can have serious consequences if not handled correctly and I am committed to aggressively defending my client’s rights.

Criminal Defense Practice Areas

As a criminal lawyer, I handle all types of criminal cases.  Below you will find some of the most common types of cases we handle.  If you have been accused or are being investigated for ANY type of crime, please call our office to schedule a time to meet and discuss your rights.

Driving While Intoxicated Cases

Most people know that driving while intoxicated is illegal and can get you arrested.  But what is the legal definition of driving while intoxicated? Are you intoxicated after having one beer?  One glass of wine? How about two? Three? Those are difficult questions to answer because it all depends on your body, your tolerance, what you’ve been drinking, how much you drank and when you drank it. It is not illegal to drink and then drive if you are 21 years of age or older.  It only becomes illegal when one drinks to the point of intoxication and then drives or operates a motor vehicle.  The legal definition of intoxication is when you lose the normal use of your mental or physical faculties OR your blood alcohol concentration is at or above .08 at the time of driving.  If a police officer pulls you over and smells alcohol on your breath, they will more than likely continue to assess whether you are intoxicated. They do this by conducting a series of field sobriety evaluations as well as asking for a sample of your breath or blood.

Hiring an experienced criminal attorney is a time sensitive matter concerning DWIs.  There are strict timelines that must be followed to defend your driver’s license and try and prevent the license from being suspended.   If you have been arrested for DWI (or any related offense – open container, intoxication assault, intoxication manslaughter) please call me to schedule a time to meet and discuss your case.

Possession of Marijuana and Possession of a Controlled Substance Cases

Even though marijuana is legal in other states throughout the US, it is still illegal in Texas.  Just because you were in Colorado on vacation and purchased marijuana, doesn’t mean you can legally bring it back with you to Texas.  If you are stopped and they find the marijuana in your car, bag or on your person, you will be arrested.

Possession of a controlled substance is another charge we see quite frequently.  The severity of the charge depends on the type of controlled substance and the amount possessed.  The most common drugs people are charged with are cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamines.

It is important to contact a criminal lawyer to handle any kind of possession charge.  As it becomes easier for employers or school administrators to get background information, having a clean record is important in a competitive job market.

Assault Bodily Injury/Assault Bodily Injury Family Member Cases

The number of people arrested on some sort of assault charge is alarming.  How do most people get arrested for assault? Most of the cases are domestic in nature, but it can happen anywhere and between anyone, however, the great majority are between family members in their home.  Assault Bodily Injury at its most minimal level requires pain. If the complaining party claims the unwanted contact caused them pain, it is certainly possible one will find themselves arrested for Assault Bodily Injury. However, juries usually want to see more.  Without any visible injuries, it can be difficult for the State to successfully prosecute these types of charges. Clients are usually astonished to realize they can be arrested, charged and their entire futures put in jeopardy on one person’s account to the police accompanied by absolutely no visible injuries.

Being accused of assault can be frightening and stressful and the consequences of an assault conviction can be devastating.  It is extremely important to hire a qualified criminal attorney to assist you.

Weapons and Firearm Violation Cases

Texas is a gun friendly state.  However, there are still laws governing them.  Many of the gun crimes in Texas come from some form of unlawfully carrying.  Even if you are licensed to carry a firearm, there are still venues you are prohibited from carrying your gun. There are many rules and regulations one must know regarding the legal carry of a firearm.  I have represented clients that basically forgot they had their gun with them and have been charged with a crime because of it.

However, nothing bothers me more than when I see a person properly defend themselves with the use of a firearm only to find themselves charged with a serious felony like Murder, Manslaughter, Aggravated Assault with a deadly weapon, or deadly conduct.  Our society loves to second guess the actions of someone from their living room couch. Decisions you had to make in a split second can, unfortunately, cause you to end up defending yourself in court.

If you find yourself charged with any firearm violation, please contact my office as soon as possible to begin protecting your future.