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Texas Campus Carry

Concealed Weapons on College Campus
As of August 1, 2016, Texas individuals who have a License to Carry can legally carry their concealed weapon on college and university campuses. However, it is important to understand that this does not apply to the new Texas law on open carry. Only concealed carry will be allowed on […]

Can the Police Compel You To Open Your Phone Through a Fingerprint?

Under the Constitution, we are given certain rights that cannot be infringed on. One of the most important is the right to not be a witness against yourself. This right comes from the Fifth Amendment and applies to situations where statements are compelled, testimonial, and incriminating. If any evidence obtained by law enforcement violates […]

Miranda Rights—When Police Officers Must Read Your Constitutional Rights

Many of my clients come into my office thinking their case will automatically be dismissed because an officer did not read them their Miranda Rights when they were arrested. Contrary to what is seen on TV or in movies, police officers do not necessarily have to read your Miranda Rights when arrested.

In Miranda […]

Does an Officer Have to Use a Radar Gun for Speeding?

No. A general misconception in our society is that an officer can only pull someone over if the speed is recorded on a radar gun. Many also believe an officer cannot pull them over unless they are going more than five miles over the speed limit. But this is simply not the case. An […]

Can I get my criminal case removed from my record?

Most people confuse getting a case dismissed with the case being “off their record”. To the contrary. Even if a case is dismissed, the actual arrest record will always appear on a background check. That is until the criminal record has been expunged.

An expunction is a process of removing your arrest record from view. […]

Ignition Interlocks and Alcohol Related Offenses in Fort Worth, Texas

What is an ignition interlock and how does it relate to DWI offenses?
Interlock devices have been used in the United States for more than 20 years. All States have some legislation requiring or permitting the use of breath alcohol ignition devices, or “interlocks.”  An interlock device is installed in a motor vehicle to prevent […]

Accidentally carry your weapon at the airport?

Until recently, there were countless individuals being arrested and charged with felonies for having a gun or illegal knife on them when they attempted to go through the screening checkpoint at DFW International Airport and Dallas Love Field. So much so I devoted an entire page on my website to these types of cases. […]

DWI or Smart Choice?

The Law Office of Stephen Handy: Fort Worth Criminal & DWI Lawyer
Here’s the scenario. You decide if it’s a DWI or a smart choice.

Someone has had too much to drink at a restaurant, bar, or friends house.  It is time to leave and they go to the car.  Upon getting in the car, they […]


Friends will ask me what to do with the red light camera violation they just received in the mail. They ask me because I’m a criminal defense lawyer. The problem: red light cameras aren’t criminal offenses. They are considered a civil case. If that seems a bit strange to you, you aren’t alone.

How can […]

Assault Offenses: What’s the difference?

The Law Office of Stephen Handy: Fort Worth Criminal Defense Lawyer

Do you have questions concerning what an assault is and what the different types of assaults are?  I have tried to give a brief explanation of those differences on my page Assaultive Offenses, What’s the Difference.  If you have been arrested or are being […]