I can’t help but start off with a quote from a TV show called “Better Call Saul”… “Doesn’t it make me look guilty if I hire a lawyer?

He is a criminal lawyer and is meeting with someone who is being investigated for a crime.  The potential client says, “doesn’t it make me look guilty if I hire a lawyer?”  To which Saul replies, “No, being handcuffed, arrested and hauled off to jail makes you look guilty.

The point being, hiring a good criminal defense attorney can sometimes prevent charges from being filed. They can sometimes prevent being arrested in front of family and friends.  And they can sometimes prevent additional charges against you.  It is one of those times in your life where there really is not a negative side.  On the positive side, you will have an advocate, a champion, a “defender” that will stand in front of you and protect your constitutional rights.  The government has numerous resources at its disposal to investigate you and charge you.  You need someone on your side to stand up for you and help keep that power in balance.

You need a criminal lawyer if you are being accused, investigated, charged, or arrested for any criminal offense. It is in your best interest to seek the counsel of an experienced and trustworthy attorney immediately.

Call me as soon as possible if you feel you need a criminal lawyer.  I established my law practice in 2000 with the sole purpose to represent those accused of criminal offenses.  I have practiced solely criminal defense law since that time and have represented many clients from many different walks of life.  I will vigorously defend you if you have been accused of a criminal offense.

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