Azel Criminal Defense Attorney

Once a former Tarrant County Assistant District Attorney, I now vigorously defend those arrested and accused of crimes.

My past experience as an Assistant District Attorney gives my a special working knowledge now as a defense lawyer helping those accused of crimes in Azle, Texas and surrounding areas.  I held several positions while at the Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office.

» Felony Prosecutor
» Misdemeanor Prosecutor
» Grand Jury Prosecutor
» Family Violence Prosecutor

I am a sole practitioner that has been practicing criminal law for more than 16 years, and provide quality representation for:

» Class A misdemeanors
» Class B misdemeanors
» Felonies
» Protective Orders
» Juvenile cases

If you are looking for one-on-one personal contact from a reliable Criminal Defense Lawyer in Azle, Texas, please contact me.

Call (817) 284-2263 or (817) 307-0679. My office will make sure we speak as soon as possible, if I am not available. Immediate action can play a major role in a successful outcome to your case, so don’t wait.

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