Firearms and Weapons Case Results




Within the realm of criminal defense, real-life examples of criminal defense cases can often serve as powerful tools to understand and shed light on the ways in which legal proceedings and legal strategies are conducted. 

The examples below represent a diverse selection of real-life criminal cases I have recently had the privilege of handling.

This is not an exhaustive list, nor is it an exhaustive examination of each case. These examples simply provide an overview of each case and a glimpse into the different strategies we employed to ensure the best possible criminal defense for each client. Keep in mind, and every case is different. 

My goal is to protect the rights and liberties of every client I represent and obtain the best possible outcome for each case.

Below are some Firearms and Weapons Case Studies

Client: K18623

Charge: Disorderly Conduct, Discharging a Firearm

Court: County Criminal Court 1

Case Details and Defense: My client entered a fast-food establishment with a friend and their adult children. While my client was in the restroom, an argument ensued between the party he was with and the employees. My client’s friends left the restaurant to wait for him in the parking lot. The upset employees proceeded to follow them into the parking lot where a physical fight ensued. When my client came out of the restroom, he observed the fighting and saw his friend laying on the ground getting physically assaulted by a group of employees. 

My client (who is licensed to carry a firearm) quickly goes to his car, retrieves his handgun and fires one shot into the air. The fight disperses but my client is arrested for discharging a firearm in the city limits. 

This was a case of sloppy and lazy police work. Even though my client’s friend was severely injured by one of the employees, the only one arrested was my client. One could argue that the quick thinking by my client prevented further death or harm. Additionally, he showed significant restraint by shooting into the air and not at someone specific. Yet, he was arrested, required to post bond, his gun was seized, and his LTC (license to carry) was suspended. 

We began his defense by subpoenaing the video footage from the fast-food establishment unbeknown to the prosecution. The videos provided context to my client’s actions that the police neglected to provide. I was then able to present the videos to the District Attorney and obtain a dismissal for the charges. 

Result: Case Dismissed, LTC reinstated

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