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I first began my criminal defense practice in Hurst in 2000.  I grew up in the Hurst area so it was the community I wanted to serve.  Prior to opening my defense practice, I was an Assistant District Attorney with the Tarrant County DA’s office.  Working as a prosecutor and fully understanding the State’s position gave me valuable experience that I still utilize to this day.

As a criminal defense and DWI lawyer, my responsibility is to represent my client and their constitutional rights to the fullest. 

I take this responsibility very seriously and will do everything I possibly can to prevent the criminal charge they are facing from haunting them the rest of their lives.

I have now represented over a thousand clients charged with everything from minor Class C misdemeanor offenses like Assault by Contact or Theft under $100 to serious felony offenses  like Aggravated Sexual Assault or Murder.  Each individual client and each individual case is different, even if the underlying charge is the same, and I take great care to understand the details concerning each one. 

Over the last 18 years, I have intentionally remained a sole practitioner to maintain personal contact and personal service.  My staff is exceptional and will do anything to help our clients, however, I personally represent my clients in court at each court setting and personally communicate with you each step of the way.  I am one of (very) few lawyers that give clients my cell phone number.

If you have been charged or are under investigation for any criminal offense, it is in your best interest to hire a criminal lawyer as soon as possible.  It can make a tremendous difference in the outcome of your case.  A criminal conviction could severely impact not only your immediate future, but it can also affect your ability to find a job and therefore the ability to provide for your family.

Continue reading below to learn about the cases I commonly defend.

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Types of Criminal Cases I Commonly Defend

DWI – Defending Hurst Residents Against Drunk Driving Charges

Driving While Intoxicated is one of the most common charges I see as a defense attorney. It is illegal to be intoxicated while operating a motor vehicle.  It is NOT illegal to have a drink and then operate a motor vehicle.  There is a difference – an important one.  Unfortunately, we have clients that have been arrested on very little evidence they were actually intoxicated.  And driving while intoxicated is a serious charge.  It can impact your driver’s license and your employment, as well as your finances.  If you have been arrested for DWI, it is important to hire a knowledgeable criminal lawyer as soon as possible to handle the DWI as well as the driver’s license hearing.

Theft Charges

Theft charges come in many forms.  It can be some form of shoplifting, identity theft, burglary of a building (or vehicle or habitation), hot/bad check, robbery, etc.  Theft charges, if not handled correctly, can have a significant impact on your ability to get a job.  Employers are reluctant to hire anyone with a theft conviction. It can also impact your ability to get certain licenses, or into certain schools.

Drug Possession Charges

We commonly defend clients accused of possession of marijuana, possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, or prescription drug fraud.  While some states have legalized marijuana, Texas has not.  We have seen an increase in the number of teens and young adults that have been charged with possession of marijuana who have recently traveled or are under the assumption that it’s not a ‘big deal’.  Any possession charge is a serious charge and it is important to handle them correctly from the very beginning.   We recommend hiring an attorney as soon as possible if you are accused of some type of drug possession.

Expunctions and Non-Disclosures

If you have been previously accused of a crime, the law allows arrest records and certain charges to be expunged or non-disclosed depending on the outcome of the case.  For example, if you have been arrested and not charged, had a trial and the jury returned a verdict of Not-Guilty, or had a charge dismissed, you would likely be eligible to have your criminal record expunged.  Otherwise, the arrest record will still be available for others to see – including current or potential employers. Not all cases can be expunged, however it is extremely important to have an attorney check to see if yours is eligible.  Some cases that cannot be expunged may be eligible for an order of non-disclosure.  An order of non-disclosure prevents the general public from being able to see your arrest record.  However, governmental agencies would still be able to see the record.  If you would like to see if your case can be expunged or non-disclosed, please contact us and we can help.


Stephen Handy is an experienced criminal defense lawyer and DWI lawyer with a thorough understanding of the law.  He treats all his clients with the utmost respect and is honest and hardworking.  He will communicate with you every step of the way and do what it takes to get the best possible outcome.  Do not hesitate to call him immediately at 817-284-2263 if you have been charged with a crime.

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