Protective Orders




Protective Orders are civil remedies with criminal consequences.

People can apply for a protective order against another person when they claim that family violence or threats of family violence have been an issue in the past and that a protective order is now necessary to ensure their safety. 



A protective order is similar to a restraining order, but it has far greater consequences. For example, protective orders are often used in divorce cases or custody cases to obtain an advantage.

If not properly defended, protective order claims are frequently “rubber stamped” by the court. Furthermore, protective orders are often granted without the person named in the protective order ever appearing in court. As a result, people often have protective orders issued against them simply because they did not realize the importance of fighting the accusations.

If a protective order against you is granted by the court, local police agencies are notified. You are now subject to being arrested even if someone merely accuses you of violating that protective order without any evidence. Furthermore, if you are accused of violating that protective order and possess firearms, you are now in violation of both federal and state law. You are now viewed as a potential threat who lacks any credibility.

People usually do not understand the consequences of having a protective order granted, and therefore, mistakenly agree to the order. They may decide to just stay away from that person and not even fight the protective order. Unfortunately, once a protective order is granted and filed with local police agencies, the underlying circumstances for which the protective order was granted are insignificant. In other words, if you have a protective order filed against you, even if it was unfairly granted based on inaccurate information from someone else, you will likely now be viewed through a biased lens.

If you have been served with a suit for an order of protection against you, please call my criminal defense law office immediately to discuss all options. Because your credibility will likely be tainted with protective order accusations against you. Therefore, you need a professional to speak on your behalf and defend your case. If you have been served with a hearing date because someone is seeking a protective order against you, please call me immediately.  

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