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Stephen HandyBelow I will try to help you understand not only what a criminal defense lawyer is and does, but how they can help, who needs one, and the process of how a case proceeds through the criminal justice system.  If you have further questions or feel you might need a criminal defense attorney, please call my office at 817-284-2263 (or) 817-589-2134.

What is criminal law?

What is a criminal lawyer?

Who needs a criminal lawyer?

What should I expect if I have been charged with a criminal offense?

What Should You Expect if Charged with a Crime?

Why Did You Choose To Become a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

What are the Consequences of a DWI in Tarrant County?

Ignition Interlocks and DWI

Texas Driver Responsibility Program and DWI

I hope this overview of criminal law, what a criminal lawyer is, and how it all works is helpful. I have given some tips on how to handle certain things, but the best advice I can give is to call me at the Law Office of Stephen Handy as soon as possible if you are being accused, investigated or arrested for any criminal offense so we can discuss your case. Your reputation, rights, and freedom could be at stake.

I have practiced criminal defense in the Fort Worth area for over 15 years, and I strive to get to know each client, their individual needs and do everything I possibly can to achieve the best result for each client. Customer service and communication is very important to me and I understand the stress each client is enduring.

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