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As a Christian and a criminal defense attorney, it is not uncommon for people to ask, “how are those compatible? Don’t you just get people off?” I don’t condone sin or bad behavior, but I’m also not free from it.

There are several reasons I have such an incredible passion for my work. First, we live in a country that requires the government to prove you are guilty beyond all reasonable doubt before you are convicted of a crime.

Until you are put in a position to defend your name and your future those words won’t have much meaning. But to me, and the people who trust me to protect them, it means that a good defense with the protections and rights of the Constitution is the only thing standing between government and the result the government wants. We don’t live in a country where someone says you committed a crime, and now you have to prove your innocence.

Life is hard enough without having a criminal record follow you around. I cannot promise a dismissal, but I can promise I will work as hard as possible to put you in a position to protect your future. Seeing a young person get a second chance after a mistake and capitalize on that second chance is well worth fighting for.

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