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Being arrested, investigated or charged with a crime can have life-altering consequences. You need an advocate on your side, fiercely guarding your Constitutional rights when no one else will. You need someone not only guiding you on how to handle your case, but also guiding you on how to shield your future from your charge.

Stephen Handy is one of the most qualified, experienced defense lawyers in the state of Texas. Having successfully handled ALL TYPES of criminal cases all over the state of Texas for the last 20 years, he is certainly the advocate you need representing you.

Stephen Handy specializes in all types of criminal cases- ranging from Burglary cases and Homicide to Weapons cases and Parole Violations. Some of the MOST COMMON CHARGES Stephen handles in Texas are *DWI, *Theft, *Drug (including marijuana) Possession, and *Assault.

In all of these cases, it is imperative that your defense lawyer be incredibly knowledgeable of the specific, often confusing laws related to these crimes in order to fully protect your rights.

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As a member of the National College for DWI/DUI Defense,  Stephen is well informed on the latest technology and rules regarding DWI defense.

He handles more DWI/DUI cases than any other kind of case. Officers only need probable cause to make a DWI arrest and failing a field sobriety tests is not always the best indicator of a person’s intoxication level.

Juries, however, need to be convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that a person is intoxicated. That is why you need a defense attorney who understands the nuisances and scientific aspects of DWI law.


As a theft lawyer, Stephen has seen almost every type of theft charge in his years of practicing criminal defense. From a high school student who takes something on a dare, to a mother who absentmindedly walks out of a store without paying as she deals with a fussy baby- he’s seen it all.

Whether it’s shoplifting, credit card abuse, aggravated robbery, or anything in between, Stephen has successfully represented clients with all types of theft crimes. Consequences of having a theft conviction on your record can be life-altering. Call Stephen today so that he can protect your future.

*Drug Possession-

The most common drug crimes are:
 Drug Possession
 Drug Delivery
 Drug Trafficking
 Prescription Drug Fraud
 Possession of Marijuana
 Possession of a Controlled Substance

 Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
 Possession with intent to Deliver

Stephen has represented clients all over the state of Texas for various drug crimes. If you have been charged with a drug crime, please contact him as soon as possible to begin protecting your future.

*Assault/ Domestic Violence-

As former Tarrant County Assistant District Attorney, one of Stephen’s positions was that of a Felony Prosecutor in the Family Violence Unit. His experience in that court is an invaluable advantage to his clients. He has a complete understanding of how County Criminal Court 5 works because he solely handled domestic violence cases there for so long.


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 Tarrant County Assistant District Attorney
 Felony Prosecutor in Criminal Court Number Five
 Tarrant County Felony District Court Prosecutor
 Grand Jury Prosecutor
 Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
 Tarrant County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
 Tarrant County Bar Association
 State Bar of Texas
 National College of DUI Defense
 National Trial Lawyers Top 100 Trial Lawyers
 Fort Worth Magazine 2019 Top Attorney

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