juvenile lawJuvenile Law is a specialized law all its own dealing with children from 10 to 16 years of age who are facing criminal charges.

The consequences of a juvenile being arrested for a criminal law violation in Texas can be quite severe. The juvenile system was originally designed to help rehabilitate young people accused of crimes, offer assistance, and protect their past mistakes from following them into adulthood.

However, in recent years it has become easier for a child’s mistakes to follow him/her into adulthood if not handled properly.

If you have a child who is being accused, investigated, or charged with a criminal offense, please call my office. Immediate action can often play a significant difference in the outcome of your child’s case.

Consequences facing a juvenile who has been accused of a crime include:
1) An Arrest
2) Confinement
3) Removal from school

Fortunately, if properly handled, the law allows for records of juveniles to be sealed under most circumstances. Juveniles are afforded many of the same rights as adults charged with a crime and must have an attorney who will properly use those rights for their protection. If a crime is considered severe enough, the District Attorney could choose to certify the child as an adult which will subject them to the jurisdiction of the adult courts.

Juveniles can be arrested for any criminal offense. However, the outcome can be dramatically different ranging from dismissal or probation for most offenses to a sentence at the Texas Youth Commission for repeat offenders or serious felony offenses.

It is very important to have a criminal attorney on your side to aggressively defend and protect your child’s rights. Call Fort Worth Juvenile crimes defense attorney Stephen Handy today at (817) 589-2134. He offers one-on-one, vigorous representation for Juvenile crime charges in Tarrant County and all surrounding areas.

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