Marijuana foilageIf you have been arrested for possession of marijuana, please contact me as soon as possible to begin protecting your future. As a criminal defense lawyer, I have been successfully defending those accused of all types of drug crimes since I left the Tarrant County DA’s office in 2000.

Although marijuana laws have lessened around our country, Texas still treats marijuana possession or sale as a serious crime. Many people are working to change these laws so the punishment ranges are less severe, but right now these charges have the potential to dramatically change someone’s life.

If you are convicted of possession of marijuana, that conviction may follow you for the rest of your life. As your criminal defense lawyer, I will do everything I possibly can to prevent that from happening. When you are charged with a drug offense it’s more than just staying out of jail or prison, it’s about your future, and how people and job employers will view you many years from now.

I work hard for my clients, with a goal of putting them in a position that will prevent the arrest and charge from following them into their futures. I cannot promise a result, but I can promise that I will do everything within my power to accomplish that goal. When clients first come and see me, they often don’t realize the many unforeseen consequences to a charge like possession of marijuana. My goal when you hire me is to do more than keep you out of jail – my goal it is to protect every aspect of your future.

Special note to parents of a child/teenager charged with a possession of marijuana case:

Man arrested for marijuanaPossession of marijuana is a serious crime. However, many people – adults, teenagers or kids today don’t think of it as a crime. In our schools, it is such a common occurrence that many kids don’t believe they are really doing anything that wrong. “It’s no big deal”, “Everybody does it,” you may have heard. However, a conviction for any drug crime is a big deal. When it comes to your future – future employment, relationships, and activities, it can dramatically (and adversely) affect you.

Although marijuana laws are changing around the country, Texas has still not decriminalized its marijuana laws. This means that although a majority of our states do not see marijuana use as a dangerous crime, Texas still has serious punishment ranges. Even if your child is caught sharing marijuana with a friend, not only could he or she be charged with marijuana possession, but he or she could also potentially be charged with the sale or distribution of marijuana. These crimes can lead to serious consequences such as jail time and a record which will follow them around for life.

In Texas, the shortest punishment range for a possession of marijuana charge is a Class B Misdemeanor which means your child could spend up to 180 days in jail and pay a fine of $2,000. The Judge could also suspend your child’s license for six months or more. Kids these days do not realize how seriously they could be punished for this crime. Even a Class A Misdemeanor for the possession of marijuana could lead to a year in jail and a fine of $4,000. Although the likelihood of an actual jail sentence is very small for a first-time offense, it is possible. The real concern is the effect of a criminal record. Even probation can have a serious effect on a child’s future. Not everyone does it and certainly, not everyone is caught. But if your child is arrested and facing charges on a possession of marijuana case you must have a good possession of marijuana lawyer who will do everything in his power to prevent the charge from following them into adulthood.

Recent statistics explain that children are continually using marijuana as early as middle school.  Although disapproval among middle school kids has remained high around 78 percent, as they get older, the less they disapprove of marijuana use. Statistics show the disapproval of marijuana has decreased among kids in high school and college and that their marijuana use has increased. About eighty percent of these same kids say it is easy to get marijuana these days. Although the ability to get marijuana has increased, these possession or sale charges remain very severe.[1]

I realize, as a parent, you may be facing the dilemma of whether or not you should even consider hiring an attorney on your child’s behalf. There are many different parenting approaches when a child has done something they knew was wrong.

As a criminal defense lawyer for over 15 years, I know a criminal record for possession of marijuana, possession of a controlled substance, driving while intoxicated, assault, theft, etc. is an incredibly large burden to carry into adulthood. It is so disappointing when a child jeopardizes their future. I’m sure your emotions range from anger to incredible sadness and every emotion in between. However, what I find heartbreaking is when a child begins making good decisions, good grades, working hard but gets turned down time and time again because of a mistake they made when they were only seventeen.

Marijuana Effects on Teens:

Not only could your child have a serious criminal charge on their record for smoking marijuana or sharing it with a friend, but it could also have serious effects on their learning abilities.

Recent studies show marijuana use in kids and teenagers leads to poor school performance and high drop-out rates. Because kids and teenager’s brains are not done growing, marijuana use leads to severe structural and functional brain changes. These brain changes cause children and teens to have much lower IQ levels. Other consequences include increased welfare dependence, greater unemployment, crime, family violence, and abuse.[2]

As your criminal defense lawyer, I will work hard for your child and do everything I can to give your child that second chance.

Marijuana Penalties Under the Health and Safety Code §§ 481.120-121:

¼ oz or less for no remunerationClass B Misdemeanor180 days$ 2,000
¼ oz or less and receives remunerationClass A Misdemeanor1 year$ 4,000
 ¼ oz – 5 lbs


Felony180 days* – 2 years$ 10,000
5 – 50 lbs2nd Degree Felony2* – 20 years$ 10,000
50 – 2000 lbs1st Degree Felony5* – 99 years$ 10,000
More than 2000 lbsFelony10* – 99 years$ 100,000
To a minorFelony2* – 20 years$ 10,000


Possession of Marijuana
2 oz or lessClass B Misdemeanor180 days$ 2,000
2 – 4 ozClass A Misdemeanor1 year$ 4,000
4 oz – 5 lbsFelony180 days* – 2 years$ 10,000
5 – 50 lbs3rd degree Felony2* – 10 years$ 10,000
50 – 2000 lbs2nd degree Felony2* – 20 years$ 10,000
More than 2000 lbs1st degree Felony5* – 99 years$ 50,000

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[1] https://www.drugabuse.gov/publications/drugfacts/high-school-youth-trends

[2] http://www.apa.org/monitor/2015/11/marijuana-brain.aspx