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Accidentally carry your weapon at the airport?

Until recently, there were countless individuals being arrested and charged with felonies for having a gun or illegal knife on them when they attempted to go through the screening checkpoint at DFW International Airport and Dallas Love Field. So much so I devoted an entire page on my website to these types of cases. […]

DWI or Smart Choice?

The Law Office of Stephen Handy: Fort Worth Criminal & DWI Lawyer
Here’s the scenario. You decide if it’s a DWI or a smart choice.

Someone has had too much to drink at a restaurant, bar, or friends house.  It is time to leave and they go to the car.  Upon getting in the car, they […]


The Law Office of Stephen Handy: Fort Worth Criminal Defense Lawyer

Friends will ask me what to do with the red light camera violation they just received in the mail. They ask me because I’m a criminal defense lawyer. The problem: red light cameras aren’t criminal offenses. They are considered a civil case. If that […]

Assault Offenses: What’s the difference?

The Law Office of Stephen Handy: Fort Worth Criminal Defense Lawyer

Do you have questions concerning what an assault is and what the different types of assaults are?  I have tried to give a brief explanation of those differences on my page Assaultive Offenses, What’s the Difference.  If you have been arrested or are being […]

Guns and Airport Security

I was recently contacted by the New York Times to discuss the issue of why so many people are caught going through airport security with guns and weapons. How does this happen? Why does this happen? How often do I see people who have been arrested for trying to carry a weapon through security […]